Friday, March 29, 2013

I had to add something to Hard Candy 'Beetle'. I decided to do a simple tape mani. 
For this I used two colors from the Color Club In True Fashion collection. The Dark Purple is  Color Club 'By Desgn' and the blue-ish purple is Color Club 'In The Limelight'. 

I really love this color combination! I will definitely be trying it a different design with these same colors. (:

Hard Candy

Recently I purchased a set of 8 brand new Hard Candy polishes for $11 on eBay. What a deal!! I got them all in the mail a couple days ago.

So far i have swatched two of the eight, including 'The End' and 'Beetle'.

The End:
This is a gorgeous black! It did take three coats, but it is naturally shiny, so it did not require a topcoat. It also has smooth application.

An absolutely stunning purple-green polish that "changes" color depending on how the light hits in. It's so distracting to look at! This is a mere one coat over "The End'.

What do you guys think? (:

Monday, March 25, 2013


Lately I've been seeing lots of spring-y nails around, so i wanted to join the club. I decided to do sunflower nails. As a base i used Julep - Susie, which is a beautiful light blue. i used a few different yellows to give the petals depth.
Here's the turn-out:

Over-all I was very happy with them, and I'm sure I'll end up doing sunflower nails again soon.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Twin Nails with @kats_kreations

If you are on Instagram you may have heard of "twin nails", which is when two people agree on a theme and do their nails accordingly. IG user @kats_kreations_ and i collaborated with this tag. We decided on gradient and cheetah print. We also chose the colors pink and purple. 

This is my mani:

and here they are side by side:
 This tag is so much fun! Not only does it give you a chance to talk to new people, but sometimes you get to try new things. I can't wait until I do more twin nails.

Nail Twins with @andreitus_nails

Have you guys heard of the "nail twin" trend that's going around? Well, i colaborated with Instagram user @andreitus_nails and we did Monsters University nails.

Here are my nails:

 And hers:
nails by IG user @andreitus_nails
 and side by side:

Hers are incredible!!! it was so much fun to try this. It was fun to be challenged this way. If any of you ladies ever feel like doing nail twins with me just let me know(:

Julep Mystery Box

My Julep Springtime Mystery Box came in the mail yesterday! Look at all the pretty polishes!

L-R: Jennifer, Claire, Parker, Robin, Portia, Camille, Gloria, and Volumizing Mascara
I can't wait to try these all out! I already own Gloria, so I shall have to give this one away.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello lovelies.

A few days ago I revieved a little package from the owner of UNeek Polishes and got these two gorgeous polishes!

I couldn't wait to try them on! First I did a swatch of Dark Angel, a dark grey holo base that is opaque in just one coat. I wore two coats just to add a bit more holo. I really need to make or buy a lightbox, because this lighting does not show the sheer beauty this polish is, especially in the sunlight! Where you see little shimmers, it becomes rainbows!

To try out Carpe Diem, I did some simple French tips using striping tape. This is a nice bright blue base with a heck load of holo! It is also opaque in just one coat (even over Dark Angel!)

These are just two polishes (that I helped name! Yay!) out of 5 from her new collection.

Her polishes can be bought on

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One Love Lacquer

So a few weeks ago I won a giveaway on Instragram that was being held my the owner of One Love Lacquers and got these three beautiful polishes:
Left to Right: Lost Boys, Captain Hook, and Mermaid Lagoon

I finally had a chance to swatch all three!

First off is Lost Boys. This is a clear base with black, gold, and silver glitters. This is one coat over Sinful Colors- Arduoise. 
One Love Lacquer - Lost Boys

Next was Captain Hook. This is also a clear base with red and purple hex glitters. I swatched it over Wet n Wild - Tickled Pink.
One Love Lacquer - Captain Hook

 And finally, here is Mermaid Lagoon. I think that without a doubt, this was my favorite of the three! I'm a sucker for blue and purple glitters. Mermaid Lagoon has tiny little teal glitters, as well as normal dark blue and purple glitters. This is a single coat, over Color Club Blue-Ming.
One Love Lacquer - Mermaid Lagoon

Monday, March 11, 2013

Squat Routine

Hey everyone! So a couple days ago I posted a picture on Instagram stating that for every like, I would do a squat.... Well the result was over 100 likes.. 114 to be exact! YIKES!! But in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle, I said why not?

Day 1: my routine was as follows: 100 squats (sorry I could do more), yard work for an hour and a half, movie (yay a break!) then 3 fun packed hours of Just Dance 3 on the XBOX Kinect. The result? I can barely walk today! It doesn't help that my school has tons of stairs!! But I roughed it out and I feel good about myself and my effort!

Day 2: (today) my legs are still completely sore (not to mention backache from so tough yard work) but I didn't let myself quit. I couldn't do squats but instead I did 115 (yes I added one!) leg lifts, and 30 crunches. Once I rested a bit, I took my dogs out for a nice, relaxing 30 minute walk.

So in summary, I'm pretty sure I went too hard the first day, but I guess you have to live and learn. I am glad I'm exercising though, because although I'm exhausted right now, I know I will feel livelier after a little nap!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hey guys. i decided to finally make a blog! Yay! and what better way to  tart it off than with my February Monthly Mani favorites!

This month I did quite a few designs I absolutely loved, including quite a few superhero nails (of course) .

I also did some Ed, Edd, and Eddy nails for a 90s cartoon theme nail art contest on Instagram.