Monday, May 20, 2013

Live Life Polished

So this weekend I received a package from Tammy (owner of Live Life Polished) containing my order from her shop, as well as a few minis for me to swatch and review. 

The first polish I swatched was one that I purchased from her shop. 'Blue lagoon is a lovely blue/green thermal. When warm 'Blue lagoon is an interesting shade of green that reminds me of murky water. When cold, 'Blue Lagoon' is a very nice deep blue.   I love that this thermal doesn't transition TOO quickly. A full transition takes a few minutes, enough time to get out the camera and snap a few pictures. Pictured below is 'Blue Lagoon in three light coats'. 'Blue Lagoon is available for purchase in the Live Life Polished store.

The other polish that I ordered was 'Warm Me Up' a blue to purple thermal. When warm 'Warm Me Up' is a brilliant bright blue! And a nice deep purple when cold. Since the colors are very near, the transition was a bit harder to capture. The transition time for this polish is relatively quicker than that of 'Blue Lagoon'. Pictured below is two coats of 'Warm Me Up'. This polish is available for purchase in the Live Life Polished shop.

The first mini that I swatched from Live Life Polished was 'Night Time Madness' a disappearing black thermal. Below is three coats. When warm, 'Night Time Madness is a light gray, that gradually turns darker as the heat disappears. What I liked most about this polish, was that it had some silver shimmer, as well as black, teal, and silver holo glitters. This polish was just released yesterday!

Another polish that was just released was 'Top Secret'. This easily became my new favorite glitter topper! Shown below is a single coat of 'Top Secret' over Essie 'No More Film' on the index and middle finger, and black on the ring and pinky finger. 'Top Secret' has a clear base that is LOADED with opalescent purple shimmer. I added a picture of my swatch that was a bit out of focus so you could see just how much shimmer there is!

A different angle shot of 'Top Secret'

In addition to the two polishes that were just released, Tammy sent me two brand new polishes that will be released on June 1st. I was lucky enough to be the first person to own and swatch 'Stuck In The Middle' and 'Peaches and cream'.

'Stuck In The Middle' has a creamy white base with teal, silver, and black hex glitters, as well as some black micro glitter. Shown below is one coat of 'Stuck In The Middle' over white. Application was smooth, and there was no need to fish out the glitters! I really liked that the white in this polish wasn't "over the top". There are some white based polishes that are just TOO white, but I think this polish was the opposite! The glitters definitely helped balance out the brightness of the white.

The last polish that Tammy sent for review was 'Peaches and Cream'. This polish has a peachy nude base that is the perfect shade! Not to mention all the added pink, orange, and silver hex glitters. This was as close to color accurate as I could get the picture. The color is just a tad bit brighter in person. Either way, its perfect for the summer!

'Blue Lagoon', 'Warm Me Up', 'Night Time Madness' and 'Top Secret' are already available for purchase at 

'Stuck In The Middle' and 'Peaches and Cream' will be relesed on June 1st.

If you head on over to the shop be sure to use the code: '10off' for 10% off your order!

Also, head on over to Tammy's Instagram @teajayess for the latest news about her polishes!

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