Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pink Ombré

I wanted to go simple today, so instead of nail art (which I have seriously been lacking lately) I did a pink ombre (gradient? Whatever it's called).

I used Color Club 'Sugar Sheer' as the base as well as the lightest color. On top of 'Sugar Sheer' I sponged on Color Club 'Flamingo' and 'Warhol'.

I am seriously in love with these! I usually don't paint my nails pink because I feel like it's too girly for me, but I would most likely do these on myself again!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ego Bruiser

Today I went simple. I wore Chromato4 Lacquer's 'Ego Bruiser'. This is two coats over one coat of Zoya 'Robyn'. Isn't this color gorgeous!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Color Club "Fiesta" Collection

If you follow me on Instagram, it is no secret that I love Color Club Polished. Recently, the wonderful Tabitha over at idreamoflacquer.blogspot.com helped feed my addiction. She sent me the entire new Color Club "Fiesta" Collection!! 

 The "Fiesta" collection consists of seven (7) beautiful polishes. From left to right they are: Wild Cactus, Sunshine Canyon, Mamba, Endless Summer, Flamingo, and On The Rocks.

Before I swathed these colors, I had to do a bit of nail art. So i decided to try water marbling with them. Not too bad for my third try. I used all of the colors in the collection except for 'On the Rocks'

Now, before I show you my swatches, please pay little mind to my poor ring finger nail. Last week, the corner started to break, so I "fixed" it using the tea-bag method. It worked for a few days, but alas, my poor nail broke. I don't have the heart to chop down all the other nails, so I just filed them down a bit. Hopefully my ring finger nail will grow quickly!

This polish is a beautiful dark green. The color is spot on to some of the cacti I have seen! Application was a breeze! This is 2 coats of 'Wild Cactus' plus a top coat (also Color Club).

Talk about sunshine! 'Sunshine Canyon' is a lovely bright green! (bright... not neon!) I would highly recommend to wear your base coat for this one, because hun, it stains. Besides the staining, its a great polish; smooth application and opacity in just 2 coats. 

I am usually not such a big fan of bright reds. I love them on others, but on me... not so much. Although I would probably not wear this very often, 'Mamba' is a stunning red polish! This is just 2 coats, but it is opaque in one coat. Keep in mind that this IS a red polish, and like most reds, it DOES stain your nails red. 

To me, this blue was not very unique. It was very similar to 'Chelsea Girl' (which you can see here X ) The only difference was that this one did not have a rubbery finish. Never the less, it is still an amazing color! The first coat goes on a little sheer, but the second coat makes it opaque. I would recommend three coats, just in case. This is 'Endless Summer' in three coats: 

This color was so difficult to capture! But after many tries, I finally got an accurate picture. This is such a pretty pink that isn't too bright or too light.

Can you say metallic!! This is such a lovely metallic silver. It goes on smoothly and is opaque in just one coat! 

Overall, I was super happy with this collection! I will definitely be trying new designs with these colors!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Color Club "Poptastic" collection

Hi there. If you follow me on Instagram you may know about my obsession with Color Club. I had a free day yesterday, so I had the chance to swatch the Poptas!c collection. 
This set had 6 "popping" neons!

The first one that I swatched was 'Warhol'. Warhold has a rubbery finish when it dries. Pictured below is Warhol's natural finish, and with a top coat. This is a bright neon pink polish with easy application. It took 3 coats to become completely even, but honestly, three coats is so worth it!

 Next, is "Poptastic" a slightly lighter neon pink. Poptastic also has a smoooth rubbery finish. You can really tell the difference the top coat makes. I think that this is my favorite from the whole collection.

'Wham! Pow!' was the next polish I swatched. This is such a vibrant, bright orange! And just like the other two, it has a rubber finish. I usually don't like orange, but this one won me over!

'Almost Famous' unlike the other does not have such a defined rubbery finish. You can slightly see it in the picture. Out of all 6 polishes, this one was the worst! the colors ok, but application was not. It is very streaky and took 5 layers to somewhat smooth out. Luckily, a layer of top coat covers up the inperfections.

'Twiggie' isn't as neon as the others, but it is a pretty color. it has a slight rubber finish, silly me forgot to take a picture with a top coat. this is 4 coats, and is almost as streaky as 'Almost Famous'.

'Chelsea Girl' is a gorgeous blue! I don't know if I would say this is "neon", but it is very bright! This one had a big difference between its natural rubbery finish and the topcoat. Either way, it's absolutely gorgeous!

'Pucci-licious' is the last of the collection. This is a "bright" light purple, not exactly neon. This is a picture with the top coat. 

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the collection. I loved that they have rubbery finishes, which makes them different than other polishes. If you see this collection for sale anywhere, I suggest you snag it up! (:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chromato-4 Lacquers "Up To No Good" Collection

I recently bought the newest "Chromato-4 Lacquers" collection. The collection was three beautiful holos.

The first polish I swatched was 'On The Hunt'. This is 3 coats with no undies.

Next to be swatched was 'No Consequences'. A beautiful black holo. This is two coats over Sinful Colors 'Arduoise'.

 Last, but certainly not least, is my personal favorite... 'Ego Bruiser'. This is a GORGEOUS color!! Just look at all the shimmer in it! I will definitely be wearing this again soon!

All of these polishes have a very smooth application, and natural shine. These swatches are shown without a topcoat. Can you imagine what they would look like WITH a top coat?!

These and other Chromato-4 Lacquers are available for purchase at www.inmyclutches.com and if you use the code " igclutch10 " you can get 10% off your next purchase. (:

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

I am participating in one of the many "April Nail Challenges" on Instagram. This one is hosted by IG user @here4nails.

Day 1s theme is "Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice". I figured that a lot of girls would to either candies or Powerpuff Girls. Not wanting to do exactly what all the other girls do, I took my own spin on this mani. My nails were in fact PowerPuff Girl themes, but instead of painting the girls, this is what I did:

I was pretty proud of these. What do you think?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Autism Awareness Month

As some of you may know, April is Autism Awareness Month, and its symbolizing color is Blue. Autism affects so many people now a days. If you did not know, I work at a preschool with children ages 2-4. It is so alarming to see how many kids (whether it is obvious or not) have to live with autism.

To show my support, I am going to try to incorporate blue into all my manis this month.
To start off April, I went with a simple swatch. This is Julep 'Claire'. 
This is such a gorgeous and bright blue with smooth application! Just looking at the brightness of this color is uplifting. 

I look forward to sharing with you all the blue manis in support for Autism Awareness Month. 

And tomorrow, April 2nd, is World Austism Awareness Day. Be sure to wear blue! For more info on Autism feel free to visit www.autismspeaks.org and www.autism-society.org

Animal Print Nails

The only animal print I've done before is cheetah print. I decided to change that yesterday. This is the mani I came up with:

Now a better picture (with better clean-up). Unfortunately, one of the studs fell off and I hadn't noticed until after I took the picture.

Even with the missing stud, i was very proud of these. They only took me about 20 minutes to finish(: What's your inner animal?

Monthly Mani Favorites

Yesterday, among all the easter madness, many instagrammers were posting their "Monthly Mani Favorites". This month i did not do much nail art, but the few that I did, I absolutely loved! I also ended up swatching quite a few of my un-trieds. Here are my monthly favorites:

MimisWeeklyNails 'Monthly Mani Favorites'

Starting from the top, going clockwise: 

--Simple tape mani using Hard Candy 'Beetle' and Color Club 'In the Limelight' and 'By Design'. I absolutely adore this color combo! 
--Revlon 'Scandolous' (out of all my swatches this is my absolute favorite one) If I had to pick one polish to wear for the rest of my life, I would quickly pick this one!
--Pink gradient with purple cheetah spots. This was a "Twin Nail" colaboration with @kats_kreations_
--Sunflower nails(: the only spring nails I have done so far..
--and of course, my Monsters University collaboration with @andreitus_nails