Monday, June 3, 2013

Bellskandi Polishes

The lovely Natalie (AKA @bellskandi on Instagram) sent me four of her polishes to swatch and review. I was so excited when I opened the unexpected package! As you look through the swatches below, you will just why i was so happy! (:

'Hey Betty' is a neon pink (when warm) to pinkish brown (when cold) thermal. Do you see the color pink?? Its actually brighter in real life! The neon is gorgeous (but as with most neons, so difficult to capture). I really liked that the transition is not super fast. This gave me time to actually get good pictures. Bellow is three coats of 'Hey Betty' and a top coat. Without the top coat it has a slightly matte finish, and due to the glitters it almost has a gritty texture to it. Kind of fascinating, but alas, I smoothed it out with a top coat.
Bellskandi 'Hey Betty'  

Another gorgeous thermal! 'Plumberry' is a shimmer packed lilac (warm) to plum (cold) thermal. The transition in this polish was quicker than that of 'Hey Betty'. And thanks to the hot California weather, I had to stick my hand in a bowl of ice for the polish to change to the gorgeous dark purple and stay dark long enough for me to take a picture of it in the sun! Anyways, this is three coats (no undies) and a top coat.
Bellskandi 'Plumberry'

'D!ck Ch!c Raver' is a glow in the dark yellow jelly with black shred glitters and orange hex glitters. For some reason, this polish reminds me of a construction site! I love when polishes remind me of things! The glow is actually brighter than that of the picture, no matter how many pictures I took this is the brightest it would show up. I even tried taking pictures with an iPod touch, and iPhone 5, my dads Nikon camera and my Canon camera. Below is three coats with a top coat (taken with a Nikon camera).
Bellskandi 'D!ck Ch!c Raver'

'Blue Dolphins' is a dark blue glow in the dark that is opaque in 1-2 coats. Although it is dark blue, it glows a beautiful almost neon blue! I seriously need to buy a blacklight to be able to capture just how gorgeous the glow is! Below is 2 coats and a top coat (taken with the iPhone 5).
Bellskandi 'Blue Dolphins'
If you like these polishes, make sure to check out the rest of her polishes on Instagram as well as on her shop: 

Thank you lovelies for reading. And thank you Natalie for sending me these lovely polishes! (:

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